A look inside the late Grateful Dead frontman's 1997 assets

By Tim Carvell
April 18, 1997 at 04:00 AM EDT

During his life, Jerry Garcia seemed an easy-living, granola-eatin’ bohemian, but no one should be surprised that the Grateful Dead’s frontman also was a very rich man indeed. Recently released documents catalog his estate down to the cent — or $9,862,492.27 to be exact. But where does that nearly $10 million figure come from? Nearly half of it — $4.6 million — is based on the value of Garcia’s future earnings. Strikingly enough, only $2.5 million of that projection comes from music royalties. A whopping $2.1 million comes from his merchandising licenses, which comprised everything from posters to neckties to, of course, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor Cherry Garcia. In addition, Garcia’s assets included

· Home at 55 El Mirador Drive in Nicasio, Calif.: $1.45 million
· Home at 61 Unionstone in San Rafael, Calif.: $680,000
· Payment from Dell Publishing for his 1995 book, Harrington Street: $100,000 (and $450,000 was still owed to him)
· One-quarter stake in Grateful Dead Productions, Inc.: $353,378.54
· One-quarter stake in Grateful Dead Merchandising, Inc.: $228,835.98
· Comic book collection: $30,370
· Instrument collection: $263,000
· Artwork (primarily acrylics and sketches) created by Garcia: $296,500

And at his death he was owed

· Licensing royalties from Ben & Jerry’s for Cherry Garcia: $45,127.60
· Royalties for Australian record sales: $61.20
· Royalties for New Zealand record sales: $6
· Residual from the Warner Bros. soundtrack for Petulia (1968), which featured the Dead: $5.74
· Royalties from 1995 tour merchandise: $50,000