McCarthy era blacklisted writers made headlines this week

By EW Staff
Updated April 18, 1997 at 04:00 AM EDT

Writers blacklisted during the McCarthy era continue to get their due. The Writers Guild of America announced April 2 that it would correct the script credits of 24 more films. (The WGA has already corrected the credits of films such as Roman Holiday and Lawrence of Arabia.) Among the new entries:

Adventures of Robinson Crusoe (Hugo Butler and Luis Bunuel)
Autumn Leaves (Jean Rouveral, Hugo Butler, Lewis Meltzer, Robert Blees)
Born Free (Lester Cole)
Escape from San Quentin (Bernard Gordon)
Inherit the Wind (Nedrick Young, Harold Jacob Smith)
The Robe (Albert Maltz, Philip Dunne)
Little Giants (Hugo Butler, Edward Huebsch)