See if you can match the following funny people like Steve Martin and Richard Pryor with their best-known lines

As any comic will admit, you’re only as good as your material. And if the material’s really good, a punchline can become as famous as its source. See if you can match the following funny people with their best-known lines.

1. ”Can we talk?”
2. ”You look mahvelous.”
3 ”All my life I’ve been waiting for someone, and when I find her, she’s a fish.”
4. ”You can love your pets. But just don’t love your pets.”
5. ”That is one nutty hospital.”
6. ”Don’t ever call me stupid.”
7. ”I don’t get no respect!”
8. ”I do and do and do for you kids, and this is the thanks I get!”
9. ”Well, excuuuse me!”
10. ”I saw it in the window and I just couldn’t resist it.”
11. ”Bean.”
12. ”D’Oh!”
13. ”Nanu nanu.”
14. ”Ssssmokin’!”
15. ”Oh, Rob.”
16. ”Wouldn’t this be a great world if insecurity and desperation made us more attractive?”
17. ”I guess we keep goin’ through it because most of us need the eggs.”
18. ”And that’s the truth.”
19. ”I’m your worst nightmare: A ni–er with a badge.”
20. ”Go home! Go home!”
21. ”That’s right: We bad!”
22. ”Well, isn’t that special?”

A. Jim Carrey
B. Bill Murray
C. Billy Crystal
D. Carol Burnett
E. Dana Carvey
F. Mary Tyler Moore
G. Eddie Murphy
H. Woody Allen
I. Homer Simpson
J. Robin Williams
K. Albert Brooks
L. Joan Rivers
M. Kevin Kline
N. Lily Tomlin
O. David Letterman
P. Tom Hanks
Q. Steve Martin
R. Richard Pryor
S. Rodney Dangerfield
T. Janeane Garofalo
U. Rowan Atkinson
V. Tracey Ullman

ANSWERS: 1-L; 2-C; 3-P; 4-T; 5-B; 6-M; 7-S; 8-O; 9-Q; 10-D; 11-U; 12-I; 13-J; 14-A; 15-F; 16-K; 17-H; 18-N; 19-G; 20-V; 21-R; 22-E