The Village People, The Partridge Family, and Evel Knieval all have movies in the works

Pet Rock: The Movie. All right, there isn’t really a film about the embarrassing Carter-era fad, but Andy Kaufman is hardly the only ’70s fixture to be headed to the big screen. A sampling of other Me Decade flicks in the works:

The Village People
After the Kaufman film, the quirky writing team of Alexander and Karaszewski plan to write and direct a biopic about disco’s butch court jesters. Columbia beat out several other studios for rights to the project, which will chronicle the group’s ”Y.M.C.A.” heyday.

The Partridge Family
A whole lotta lovin’ is what they’ll be bringin’ when Warner Bros. drags the melodious family’s psychedelic bus out of mothballs. Still in development, the project is being coproduced by one of the TV show’s producers, Paul Witt. No word on casting yet. (But we hear Danny Bonaduce is free to do a cameo.)

Evel Knievel
It won’t be the first time the star-spangled daredevil’s life has gone celluloid (one bad made-for-TV movie; two even worse big-screen versions). But Pure Evel, now in development at Universal with Demolition Man director Marco Brambilla, should easily outshine the others. How could it not — 1977’s Viva Knievel!, which starred Knievel as himself, was an even bigger wipeout than the infamous Snake River Canyon jump.

The Rainbow Man/John 3:16
The most memorable sports star of the ’70s? Terry Bradshaw? Julius Erving? How about that weirdo with the rainbow-colored Afro wig in the stands, a.k.a. Rockin’ Rollen Stewart? The Rainbow Man, a documentary currently on the festival circuit, chronicles Stewart’s tragic 15 minutes of fame from sports oddity to born-again preacher of the apocalypse to prison inmate (he’s now serving three life sentences for taking a hotel maid hostage in 1992). Hoping for wider release, director-producer Sam Green is currently shopping the film to distributors.