The '70s platform shoes appeal to a '90s Hollywood

How does an actress put her best foot forward? If you’re Sigourney Weaver, Winona Ryder, or Claire Danes, you strap on a pair of $340 blue velvet platform Prada sandals. That’s what the star trio did at the ShoWest Awards ceremony in Las Vegas last month, causing all eyes to shift from footage to footwear. ”There they were, standing right next to each other,” says a Prada spokeswoman about the plug the company’s shoes were given by Alien Resurrection costars Weaver and Ryder. ”It was like Invasion of the Shoe Snatchers. It was like Alien Spawn.”

The quirky triple play wasn’t the fancy footwork of a monomaniacal personal shopper, just further proof that platforms — oh-so-hot in the ’70s — have returned. Calvin Klein and Gucci helped boost the revival with high-rise thongs, says stylist to the stars Wayne Scot Lukas, who found them ”so funny and cool” he bought two pairs for Janet Jackson. Meanwhile, deep-soled sandals from Dolce & Gabbana have recently been trotted out by Madonna, Sheryl Crow, and No Doubt‘s Gwen Stefani. Gwyneth Paltrow has worn both Prada and D&G. And Diane Keaton even hoofed it to the Oscars in white platform boots.

Though Lukas predicts numerous knockoffs by summer, he also predicts that by then platforms — never high on the comfort scale — may be one foot in the grave. Laughs Lukas, ”There’s no way not to look goofy with Frankenstein feet.”

Joe Dziemianowicz, with reporting by Degen Pener