CRASH ( Canadian director-cum-provocateur David Cronenberg’s cinematic homage to those who are turned on by car wrecks (lending new meaning to the term autoerotic), has elicited both revulsion and praise. But distributor Fine Line takes the online high road with this darkly beautiful, gizmo-filled site that captures the film’s bizarro worldview, if not its kinky, id-driven subject matter. For a movie so mired in controversy, the site offers little in the way of a quick virtual-sex fix, though an animated image of Rosanna Arquette in leg braces and miniskirt vibrates with raunch. Instead, the designers — New York-based Web outfit Reset — have built a decidedly PG-13 Net home for the NC-17 flick, opting for technological audacity (streaming audio and video, a Shockwave-enhanced car-crash game) over shock-value gimmickry. B+

Crash (Movie - 1997)
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