A critic’s blurb on the video box calls this ”Michael Cimino’s best film since The Deer Hunter.” Okay, so maybe it’s a slight improvement on The Sicilian and Desperate Hours — but does that make it worth renting? Only if you’re in the mood for a pseudo-mystical road movie about a self-centered, money-minded, careerist oncologist (Harrelson) who bonds with a dying escaped convict (Seda) while serving as his hostage during a low-speed desert chase. The con is on a spiritual quest in search of a legendary Navajo ”healing lake,” but it should come as no surprise that it’s the doctor whose soul gets saved. Cimino directs this silliness with so little focus — or apparent enthusiasm — that it never gains enough momentum to hurl itself over the top. The movie just thrashes around in the sand, dying a slow death. D