Last Dinner On the Titanic

No, really: An annual 11-course re-creation of the doomed ocean liner’s last meal service is apparently big among Titanic ”sentimentalists.” And judging from this banquet manual, which thoughtfully if creepily suggests issuing tickets along with invitations, the practice should catch on quickly with the same tittery crew that enjoys dine-‘n’-death parlor games like How to Host a Murder. Two actual menus survived the sinking (okay, one was peeled off a victim — get over it), so Edwardian culinary historian McCauley’s versions of Lobster Thermidor, etc., clang with macabre authenticity, even as she updates them for modern stomachs. Healthier foodstuffs can be found on — oh, the irony! — the third-class bill of fare. A-

Last Dinner On the Titanic
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