THE BRITISH MONARCHY ( and ROYALTYUK (www. As if coverage of the royals were lacking, two new sites add grist to the Windsor mill. The official Monarchy is a study in reserve and coy PR. Discreet yet inviting, it offers a peek into Queen Elizabeth II’s day — which begins with Her Maj ”scanning” the papers — and reveals how a business gets to display that ”By Royal Appointment” label. Still, an extensive profile of Prince Charles makes no mention of the ultimate lady-in-waiting, Camilla. RoyaltyUK, on the other hand, taps the strenuous journalistic endeavors of the Daily Mail and Evening Standard. Under Royal Affairs, Camilla rates her own bio, and there’s a page where, by morphing Charles, Fergie, Elvis, and Michael Jackson, you can virtually meld the King of Pop with the Prince of Wales. There’s also an etiquette quiz (those newspapers the queen scans should be freshly ironed) and a subscription price ($8.95 for six months). Monarchy: B RoyaltyUK: B+