Three radio music directors talk about their stations' top three singles and predict upcoming hits

Your Woman (Music single - White Town)

Alex Tear, WHYT, Detroit (Alternative): — ”Crash Into Me,” Dave Matthews Band: ”This is not as, I don’t want to say oat bran-ish … it’s just less of a Dave Matthews record. They can fall into that Blues Traveler vein. When they go outside that box, it’s more acceptable to a lot of people.” — ”Barely Breathing,” Duncan Sheik: ”It touches our 18-34 demographic, but my mom loves it.” — ”Lovefool,” the Cardigans: ”A very swanky, walkin’-around-with-a-‘gar-and-martini-in-your-hand group.” One to watch: ”Your Woman,” White Town: ”Top 40 shouldn’t miss the boat on this, even though it’s gonna be like Taco’s ”Puttin’ on the Ritz” — probably on a Rhino disc in 10 years.”

Dr. Doug, KZHT, Salt Lake City (Top 40): — ”Wannabe,” Spice Girls: ”We’ll see if people burn out. Apparently they have a movie deal, a book deal, and all this other stuff.” — ”Return of the Mack,” Mark Morrison: ”He’s kinda come from nowhere, but he’s huge in the U.K.” — ”I Want You,” Savage Garden: ”These guys are from Australia, where they’re No. 1. Teen girls are going crazy.” One to watch: ”Insomnia,” Faithless: ”I play the CD in my car and just want to drive. It puts me in a bit of a trance.”

Rich Anhorn, KHMX, Houston (Hot AC): — ”Un-Break My Heart,” Toni Braxton: ”Mariah has the range but sometimes overdoes it. Toni’s more subtle.” — ”Lovefool,” the Cardigans: ”America loves a good Swedish import.” — ”You Were Meant for Me,” Jewel: ”It’s not an angry female thing but a subtle, tongue-in-cheek description of a relationship.” One to watch: ”Where Have All the Cowboys Gone,” Paula Cole: ”Those who are into her are really into her, so it’s a matter of the rest of America catching on.”

Your Woman (Music single - White Town)
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