Love and Other Catastrophes

Mix a pinch of Clerks, a dollop of Beverly Hills, 90210, and a touch of The Real World in a from-the-recipe-book story of young smarties in love and what you’ve got in the first feature film from 23-year-old Australian director Emma-Kate Croghan is this: five attractive Australian university students, played by five little-known Australian actors, who fret and joke about their romantic woes when not talking about movies and cinematic theories. Each is supposed to have some charming quirk — Mia (Frances O’Connor) is a cute lesbian, Alice (Alice Garner) is looking for a left-handed man while writing a thesis on ”Doris Day as a Feminist Warrior” — but none is deeper than a bag of Reese’s Pieces. And Croghan loads her production up with more cinematic nuggets (e.g., shots that parody Hitchcock, strained dialogue about auteurism, references to scenes from Saturday Night Fever) than this slight romantic comedy can support. C

Love and Other Catastrophes
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