Out of Focus

Congratulations to Benjamin Svetkey for his excellent article exposing Hollywood’s desire for boffo box office over film quality (#370, March 14). A note to Hollywood: Too many cooks is the problem, not the answer. Can you imagine what Citizen Kane would be like if it was made today? Or Pinocchio, Psycho, or All About Eve? The films we want to see are made with the heart and the mind, not the wallet and the ego.
Orlando, Fla.

Not only ”has Hollywood lost it,” they’ve lost me. After my intelligence was insulted a few too many times, my moviegoing has declined dramatically. It’s not that event movies bother me — just that these movies have gotten so lazy. An example: Pierce Brosnan’s discovery of tainted water just before the volcano blows in Dante’s Peak. Next shot: our hero sitting next to a sparkling pitcher of water in a town meeting. Pay attention to details, Hollywood — it ain’t that hard!

In an age of VCRs, people need a reason to go to the theater, and big event movies are it. In 20 years, Mr. Svetkey, will you pay to see the remastered version of Fargo? Sure, when people from Minnesota lose their accents.
Danville, Va.

The Relating Game

Your challenge to connect Sling Blade‘s Billy Bob Thornton with Secrets & Lies‘ Brenda Blethyn couldn’t be easier. Blethyn appeared as Mrs. Maclean in A River Runs Through It, which Robert Redford narrated, directed, and produced, and Redford costarred as John Gage in Indecent Proposal (1993), in which Billy Bob Thornton also appeared.
Los Angeles

‘News’ Blues

A thousand curses upon NBC Entertainment president Warren Littlefield for even considering canceling television’s most consistently hilarious show, NewsRadio. When more people watch ”Must See TV” dreck like The Single Guy and Suddenly Susan than this brilliantly written and performed sitcom, there’s no justice.
Walpole, Mass.

‘EZ’ Does It

I must disagree with Bruce Fretts’ statement that with many regular TV dramas on hiatus, ”Law & Order now qualifies as the best drama on television.” While Law & Order is a great show and I’ve been watching it since its original cast, Paul Haggis’ EZ Streets on CBS clearly walks away with the prize.
Forest Park, Ill.

CORRECTIONS: Sony reacquired Aerosmith’s contract in 1991; Tony Williams’ last TV appearance was with Letterman (Music); Keith Flint has been a Prodigy band member since their creation (”Rock Is Dead! Long Live…?”).