Celeb quotes around the web

”Now that [Beavis and Butt-head] are rich, they are far more attractive.”
House of Style‘s Daisy Fuentes on America Online

”I don’t [know much about computers] … Previously, my only experience was the cash machine at the bank.”
— Model Kathy Ireland on Prodigy

”Unfortunately, Kathy Ireland and I did not work together [in Necessary Roughness]. I was in a sound booth. Not a great welcome to showbiz. At the end of the program, I will give out Kathy’s home number. My way of saying thank you.”
Men Behaving Badly‘s Rob Schneider on AOL

”I enjoy playing for people … For me, I’m not really sold on any musician until I’ve seen ’em live. ‘Cause the way records are made these days, it’s hard to find the personality under the recording.”
Beck on E! Online