This week's TV ratings

Hmm … An overblown action series starring a football player who fell off the cool list about a decade ago — why didn’t someone at Fox have the sense to intercept Lawless (91st) before it hit the airwaves? Viewers apparently knew better; so few watched that the drama — starring Brian Bosworth as a renegade PI — got the death penalty after one airing. NBC’s classier crime-related show, Law & Order (9th), on the other hand, is holding its own in ER‘s Thursday slot, even though its second outing lost about 1.7 million viewers from its premiere. While ER‘s absence is helping CBS’ Touched by an Angel attain new heights as TV’s current top-rated drama, the show’s good fortune didn’t help CBS’ 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (27th), which lost 6.4 million viewers from its Angelic lead-in. No doubt ABC is praying its version of the Verne classic (airing this May) will do a better job staying afloat.