Hollywood Confidential

Everyone does mortifying things, makes bad decisions, suffers public gaffes. But everyone isn’t a Famous Person, either, and thank gawd — because the price is perpetual revisitation of these moments, courtesy of career snickerdoodles like Coral Amende, whose gig editing celebrity crossword puzzles in L.A. has made her a warehouse of tinselly trivia. Who’s recorded an embarrassing album? (Kim Basinger, Regis Philbin.) Who’s ”difficult” on the set? (Ellen DeGeneres, Dustin Hoffman.) Who names their pets after baked goods? (James Dean, Victoria Principal.) The info herein is hardly ”confidential” (in fact, bits of it seem to come directly from this magazine), and some is outright speculation. But, like those maps of the stars’ homes, Hollywood Confidential is most helpfully indexed.

Hollywood Confidential
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