City of Industry

City of Industry is an unrelievedly downbeat story of crazed petty crooks, a heist gone bad, and cold bloody violence, played out around a rusting, nowheresville Los Angeles. The industry referred to in John Irvin’s heavy-laden but ultimately lightweight Tarantinoid caper (written by Ken Solarz) is the busy-ness of two-bit creeps stealing jewels and shooting each other up. Playing the two ends of the creep scale: Stephen Dorff (who, between this and ”Blood & Wine,” does double-noir duty) as a twitchy, trigger-happy madman (you know he’s a loose cannon because his hair is bleached) who gets the guns, drives the car, and shoots two of his associates; and Harvey Keitel as a mean SOB who’s murderously teed off and out for revenge because one of the dead compadres is his brother (Timothy Hutton). With Famke Janssen, showing she’s not just an ornamental Bond Girl by dressing drab as the wife of the other dead crook.

City of Industry
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