The concept, as they say in Hollywood, has real potential. Bill Dillon is a New York City entomologist with an idea for environmentally sound pest control. Instead of pesticides, he unleashes specially bred killer bugs against the city’s cockroaches and silverfish. Through a series of zany coincidences, the exterminator acquires a reputation as a crackerjack assassin. Soon the CIA, Bolivian drug lords, and other villains are on his tail. There’s not a character you haven’t met before in film or TV: The drug lords are out of Scarface; Bill’s pesky landlord is like Mr. Furley from Three’s Company; the killer bees previously starred in The Swarm. You can overlook the occasional pretentious allusions to world lit. What’s unforgivable, however, is Pest Control‘s view of New York as an unmitigated hellhole. Advice to Warner Bros., which has already bought the movie rights: Set the screen version in L.A. Their pests are bigger.

Pest Control
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