There was certainly tall, dark, and handsome before Cary Grant, and there has certainly been tall, dark, and handsome since, but his particular version continues to suggest that no one need bother with the others. Therefore, though McCann tries to slam the door with an indignant thump on the ”revelations” of 1989’s dirt digger Cary Grant: The Lonely Heart (and remember those speculative mumbles about wearing women’s underwear?), his greater challenge is to strain for enough adjectives to describe a man whose sole flaw (except for his use — therapeutic, mind you! — of LSD) seems to have been his obsessive perfectionism. Subtitled ”A Class Apart,” this respectful clip job itself isn’t, but class — in both senses of the word — is as fresh and enjoyable a premise as any for yet another appraisal of the man who started as humble Archie Leach from Bristol, England, and ended as the most twinklingly dignified star in the Hollywood heavens.