Shadow Conspiracy

SHADOW CONSPIRACY (Hollywood Pictures, R) When Tom Clancy-type plots are too taxing and Charlie Sheen needs work, this is the result: a dumb, paranoid-about-the-government thriller disguised as a complicated one, in which one lone White House whiz (Sheen — part George Stephanopoulos, part Michael J. Fox) saves democracy. He’s helped, in this preposterous, ornately art-directed production from George P. Cosmatos (Tombstone), by Linda Hamilton as a crack investigative journalist who manages to go home and change even while she’s running for her life. And he’s monitored by a powerful mentor (Donald Sutherland, so two guesses whether he turns out good or bad and the first one doesn’t count), who, as the President’s chief of staff, poetically bemoans ”all the crap we go through every day to keep this country from going under.” Best superfluous use of a computer that resembles nothing in the real world: A government tech geek redirects all the U.S. surveillance satellites in the world to track down the heroes’ minivan, which turns out to be parked on a Georgetown side street. D

Shadow Conspiracy
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