Readers respond to "Friends," "Highlander," and Jennifer Aniston


I have to say I was pretty amused after I read your article on Matthew Perry. His comment ”In high school, my prom date fooled around with another guy — on prom night” immediately caught my attention because that prom date was me! I have one rather simple question for Matthew: How lucky do you think you’re gonna get when you show up in a bright turquoise bow tie and cummerbund, a black shirt and a white coat? All in fun, of course, I don’t think that Matt has quite gotten over the fact that I just wanted to be, well, friends.
New York City

Matthew Perry a reluctant bachelor? This man makes my heart swell. Not only is he unforgivably handsome, hysterically witty, and self-deprecating — he admits to wanting a commitment! Throw away The Rules and The Code and celebrate The Truth. He can whistle the Old Spice theme in my ear anytime.
Meadville, Pa.

Please, for the love of God, no more Friends on the cover! Haven’t we, your loyal readers, suffered enough?! I don’t want to see Matthew Perry’s smirk or David Schwimmer’s puppy-dog face or Jennifer Aniston’s shag anymore, and I know there must be a lot of EW readers who agree.
Los Angeles


In your article about syndicated television, you mentioned Highlander: The Series and stated that it was popular among ”sci-fi geeks willing to dress in Scottish garb for conventions.” The article also stated that it was about ”time-traveling swordsmen.” I am a fan of the show and don’t consider myself a geek, because I’ve never bitten the head off a live chicken. Also, Duncan MacLeod is not a time traveler. He is a 404-year-old immortal. Instead of time traveling, he remembers events from his past.
Springfield, Mo.


What’s the difference between placing pictures of Captain Kirk or Bart Simpson on a website and hanging a magazine photo in a gym locker for all to see (”The Empires Strike Back”)? Don’t these greedy companies that are trying to limit Web pages realize that these sites put up by fans constitute free advertising for them? In many cases the fans are actually paying for these sites! They accuse these not-for-profit people of ”theft.” Ha! They steal from us every time we shell out $8 to see a movie!
Sherman Oaks, Calif.