Lord of the Dance

If there’s one thing to be gleaned from ex-Riverdance lead and choreographer Michael Flatley’s return to the stage after his unexpected, involuntary departure from the Irish dance troupe in October 1995, it’s that absolute ego corrupts absolutely. Created by and starring Flatley, Lord of the Dance oozes Vegas smarm with a threadbare good-versus-evil plot, glittering costumes, and flashy lights that immerse the show, on video at least, in an ethereal haze. Granted, behind these pyrotechnics seethes a talented dancer, as demonstrated by close-ups of his breakneck stepping that live audiences don’t get to witness. (Then again, they don’t get dizzy from too much camera play, either.) But whereas Flatley helped turn Riverdance into a celebration of Ireland, he’s made Lord of the Dance a tribute to himself.

Lord of the Dance
  • Movie