Terminal Virus

You may be tired of O.J. Simpson jokes already, but consider if they were still bandied about in postapocalyptic 2062. Don’t knock anachronisms, though, since those are among the few touches that redeem this painfully low-budget Roger Corman production. Brolin shines through the inept editing and shoddy sets, bringing some wit to Terminal Virus, a tale of a world ravaged by a sexually transmitted virus. A psychopathic military man (Lynch) may be the biggest barrier to repopulating the planet, but the real hurdle turns out to be teaching young survivors about the joys of seduction and the mechanics of nonfatal sex. This would all be great fun in slightly more competent hands, but it’s still hard to dislike a film in which the heroes must woo Amazons in order to save the world.

Terminal Virus
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