Pro wrestler ”Rowdy” Roddy Piper may not have much acting range, but he sure can run the gamut of straight-to-tape action stereotypes. Indeed, with his latest, typically generic adventures, he stretches all the way from hunter to hunted. In Sci-Fighters, he’s a futuristic cop chasing a serial rapist who has escaped from a moon-based prison to spread an icky alien virus all over Boston. In Marked Man, he’s a framed-for-murder con who breaks out of jail to clear his name. Derivative as these vehicles are — Sci-Fighters is a blatant Alien/Blade Runner rip-off, Marked Man is a very poor man’s The Fugitive — both muck up can’t-miss formulas, adding convoluted twists to their simplistic story lines. Yet Piper stays on course, steadfastly slugging away. That doesn’t actually improve these movies, but it does keep them moving.
Both: C-

Marked Man
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