Readers respond to the new "Star Wars" trilogy, "Titanic," and Madonna


Cheers to the excellent cover of Luke Skywalker and the article on the new Star Wars trilogy. I own all three videos of the classic Star Wars, have seen all of the movies at the theater, and will not give up the chance to see them again in their rerelease. The Star Wars trilogy could not be seen enough (by my standards) to grow old — even 20 years later.
Sandusky, Ohio

Regarding the appeal of the 20-year-old Star Wars in rerelease on the big screen, I can only echo what I overheard after seeing the promo (while waiting for Star Trek: First Contact to begin): ”I think I’ve just seen God.”
Claremont, Calif.

I was only six years old in 1977 when Star Wars first came out. I saw it then, and I will see it again on the big screen. I, for one, cannot wait for Jan. 31.
Quincy, Mass.

Do you honestly think that the rerelease of Star Wars is really one of the biggest gambles of 1997? I should think it’ll make back the estimated $30 million it took to revamp it in the first weekend! I think you guys have truly underestimated the fan base of these films. Most everyone I know owns the whole trilogy in one form or another, and all of those people will be among the first in line to get their tickets on the 31st! This is going to be like the rerelease of a classic Disney film — spend a little on advertising, make up some nice new prints, and sit back and watch the money roll in!
New York City

Spending at least $30 million to rerelease spiffy new theatrical versions of the most revered science-fiction series of all time is not a gamble. A gamble involves risk, like spending more than $100 million on a Titanic movie, or $55 million on a musical with Madonna.
Oakton, Va.

Change Star Wars? I’ve believed this to be ludicrous since I first heard of it. George Lucas is losing touch with reality. Lucas has said that a special effect is just a tool to tell a story. Mr. Lucas, take it from someone who grew up on Star Wars; the story is all that matters. I just can’t see how fans will accept this blasphemy. You should have concentrated your efforts where they belong: the prequels.
Mountain Top, Pa.

Will audiences come?” Come on! What were you thinking? You must have taken a light-saber blow to the head.
Falls Church, Va.

I don’t care how big your television is or how good a sound system you have; nothing compares to seeing a movie in the theater. Theaters are the reason people will be back in droves to see the Star Wars trilogy again.