Motion sickness is more like it, from a slick, nasty production that wears the audience down with noise, movement, and incessant violence in the absence of anything remotely interesting or terrifying. Ray Liotta plays a Ted Bundy-smart rapist and serial killer on death row who, while being transported via a commercial 747 from New York to L.A., busts loose from his captors and turns the nearly empty plane into a stalking field; Lauren Holly plays the flight attendant he intends to torture before crashing the plane for maximum destruction. (She, meanwhile, plans to land the plane her plucky little self.) Liotta cackles, screams, and sweats; Holly trembles, breathes hard, and, in a climactic scene of ugly struggle, strips down to her camisole, revealing toned arms for which a personal trainer is given credit. At least you’ll never have to sit through Turbulence on an airplane.

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