The Pompatus of Love

Young directors purloin Diner‘s guys-squawking-about-girls style so often that Barry Levinson should get royalties. This well-played yet overwritten comedy’s fast-talking friends — self-help author, swinger, playwright, and family man (Cryer, Pasdar, Tim Guinee, and Adam Oliensis, respectively) — are New Yorky, thirtyish, and, big surprise, perplexed by relationships. Director-cowriter Richard Schenkman keeps the jokes quick and includes funny Woody Allen-style confessions from the characters, including potential girlfriends (Mia Sara and Kristin Scott Thomas). Released briefly to theaters, The Pompatus of Love is amiable enough on video, but it’s too bad Schenkman didn’t listen to Paul Reiser’s Diner diatribe about the words gesture and nuance.

The Pompatus of Love
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