By EW Staff
Updated January 17, 1997 at 05:00 AM EST

SCRABBLE (Hasbro Interactive, CD-ROM for PC and Mac, $39.99) Designed for language lovers who’ve exhausted the patience of friends, spouses, and kids, this disc lets players challenge an impossibly brainy, virtually spelling-error-free computerized opponent, ”Maven,” which calculates obscure seven-letter combinations in seconds and is prone to using words like longies and quartzose. Still, with plenty of practice, Maven can be bested. And unlike aforementioned flesh-and-blood players, it won’t complain if you take half an hour to make your next move. With automatic scoring, an on-screen dictionary, and the ability to play via the Net, here’s a cybergame that (dare I say) is more addictive than Solitaire for Windows. A