It’s called The Portrait of a Lady, but curiously, you won’t find Nicole Kidman on the poster for the new Jane Campion film. Instead, there’s a sepia-toned close-up of Kidman’s torso being held by John Malkovich’s hand. Since even Jerry Maguire would have a hard time selling a movie based on Henry James, why not show them the Kidman? ”With all the clutter that surrounds the Christmas season, we needed a poster that would be a clutter buster,” explains Gramercy Pictures president Russell Schwartz. ”It’s about letting people know this is not a traditional interpretation of a period classic.” Kidman, who’s bucking for an Oscar nomination and needs exposure right now, can’t be happy about this — or can she? ”We talked to Nicole about [the poster concept], and she has no vanity and no need for ego trips, so she immediately approved it,” says Schwartz. ”Because the last thing we wanted for this picture was the proverbial big heads, in more ways than one.” A spokeswoman for Kidman declined to comment on the ad. The strategy may be for the best: As of Jan. 7, Portrait had grossed a strong $355,334 on only seven screens, which paints quite a pretty picture for the Jan. 17 wide release.

The Portrait of a Lady
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