THE HEROIC LEGENDS OF HERCULES AND XENA (Software Sculptors, CD-ROM for PC, $34.95) Syndicated television’s two favorite muscle masses — Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess — get the interactive treatment, with an extensive episode guide (rather tiny print), scenes from choice programs, hypey profiles (”Kevin Sorbo has quickly risen to stardom with his winning portrayal of the heroic half-man, half-god Hercules…”), and an area called ”Hard Bodies,” where screen pinups depict the slinkier quasi-mythological characters who have appeared on the series. These include She-Demon, Epiphany, Myrra (”a beautiful and bright young woman who loves a centaur”), and the hunky Autolycus, described as ”incredibly wily and dash [sic].” Fun, but generally lacking in the camp self-awareness that makes these shows such hoots. B