By EW Staff
Updated January 17, 1997 at 05:00 AM EST

DANGER ZONE Billy Zane, Robert Downey Jr. (1996, LIVE, R, priced for rental) As generic as its title, this is the kind of movie in which the action stops dead so a character can provide yet another lame plot twist. But people who like watching actors diving out of windows will love the constant slo-mo shots of Zane, who stars as a disgraced engineer in Africa blamed for toxic waste that wiped out tribal villages. Ron Silver drops by, apparently to work on his tan and costar as a power broker who helps a regime use Zane as a cover for acts of genocide. Downey presumably had his own reasons for taking a nothing role in an exotic location, but his on-screen antics are limited to a Southern accent worthy of any good ol’ boy from Beverly Hills. C-