Miss Manners' Basic Training: Communication

”Technology likes to play a Catch-Me-If-You-Can game with etiquette…under the cocky assumption that Miss Manners can’t catch up,” Martin writes in this guide to proper conduct via fax, phone, answering machine, E-mail, and the Internet. Despite her preference for the neatly written word, the starchy Martin, a nationally syndicated etiquette columnist, rises fearlessly to the occasion: She defends recluses who screen their calls, and denounces call-forwarding to dinner parties. Not all her advice is au courant: By using the Britishism favour or the archaic shall, as she suggests, you’ll come off as a pretentious fop. The rest of Martin’s wisdom in Miss Manners’ Basic Training: Communication is both useful and logical and should be heeded — if not in the name of good form, then because, says the author, ”Miss Manners will get you if you don’t.” A-

Miss Manners' Basic Training: Communication
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