Dressed in a South Seas wardrobe of caftans and kimonos, Brando literally billows as the deranged Dr. Moreau, who oversees his island of half-human experiments like some weird mother hen. Meanwhile, Kilmer, as Moreau’s fellow mad scientist, appears devoted to outmugging the master. And he nearly succeeds when he does a Brando impression that is almost worth the price of a rental. Yet the rest of this remake is a study in cacophonous chaos. The closer those beasties come to taking over, the more deafening The Island of Dr. Moreau becomes — and the less sense it makes. Fans of Stan Winston’s monster-makeup wizardry may want to rent this rip-off for some cheap thrills. Everyone else should stick with the 1933 original, Island of Lost Souls, a really creepy creep show.

The Island of Dr. Moreau
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