It’s been a busy, if not downright dysfunctional, year for Pamela Anderson (or is that Pamela Lee?). Here are the month-by-month highlights.

JAN. 10: It’s reported that pregnant Pamela and husband Tommy Lee will name their child Katlyn Denise if it’s a girl and Mayhem if it’s a boy.

FEB. 26: A soda called Pammy Cola goes on sale in Britain. The bottle is appropriately pulchritudinous.

MARCH 29: The Lees file a $10 million invasion of privacy suit against Penthouse’s Bob Guccione, who plans to publish stills from a home video showing the couple engaged in sex acts. The couple claim the tape was stolen from their house.

APRIL 23: Island Records releases the soundtrack to Pamela’s first major film, Barb Wire, on which she contributes backing vocals to hubby’s ”Welcome to Planet Boom.”

MAY 3: Barb Wire opens. It closes five weeks later, grossing a paltry $3,790,108 domestically.

JUNE 5: Pamela gives birth to son, settling for the relatively benign name Brandon Thomas Lee.

JULY 2: The Lees sell photos of Brandon in leather duds and sunglasses, holding a cigar, to the National Enquirer for a rumored $500,000.

AUG. 17: A boat in the Baywatch Ski Show crashes into a crowd at the Ohio Sea World, injuring 23; Pamela is thousands of miles away filming in San Diego.

SEPT. 4: Liz Smith reports that Brandon will get $60,000 to appear as an abandoned baby on Baywatch.

SEPT. 29: The Lees get into a fracas with paparazzi. After someone in the crowd yells ”lousy parents,” Tommy hits a photographer, while Pamela shouts obscenities and gets a dose of pepper spray in the face from another lensman.

SEPT. 30: Pamela makes a deal with Warner Books to write Pamdemonium, claiming she plans to include a chapter called ”The History of My Breasts.”

NOV. 19: Pamela files for divorce after 21 months.

NOV. 21: Responding to news of her breakup, ex-boyfriend and MTV cheese-jay Eric Nies announces that he will begin making public appearances, begging to get Pamela back.

DEC. 2: Pamela reconciles with Tommy to support him in his fight against alcoholism.

DEC. 9: On The Tonight Show, Pamela says that she and Tommy now live in separate houses.

DEC. 17: Pamela quits Baywatch, her publicist says, ”to diversify and supplement her career.”