It’s about time someone recognized Daniel Day-Lewis’ brilliant talent ”Casting a Spell” (#356, Dec. 6). Despite all the criticism of his morals, Day-Lewis will always be number one on my list. However, you failed to note his spectacular performance in Michael Mann’s remake of The Last of the Mohicans. Day-Lewis added charm and talent to the movie and made it one of the best remakes I’ve ever seen. MEREDITH ROBERTS Williston Park, N.Y.

Daniel Day-Lewis explains that to prepare for his part, ”it seemed that the important thing to do was some kind of physical work, so I spent some time on the island, because so much of the story of those people’s lives was contained within the way they took possession of that land.” It brings to mind that during the making of Marathon Man, Dustin Hoffman would run several miles each morning before filming, explaining to Laurence Olivier that he did it to get him more into the feel of the character. Sir Laurence responded: ”Why don’t you just act?” LEONARD LEVIN Randallstown, Md.


The article ”Deadly Business,” about violence in the rap-music world, is certainly eye-opening, but nothing could have surprised me more than when rap mogul Sean ”Puffy” Combs dropped by Food & Friends to donate turkeys for our Thanksgiving deliveries. We provide meals to homebound people living with HIV/AIDS and appreciate such help. I can only hope that this is the future of rap music. BRENT MINOR Director of Community Relations Food & Friends Washington, D.C.


Hollywood muckety-mucks have become so formulaic in their thinking, they won’t consider anything that doesn’t fit the equation (News & Notes). Little do they realize the classics they are remaking are screenplays they wouldn’t touch if they came across their desks today. DAN STOCKE Edison, N.J.


I enjoyed your candid interview with Lauren Bacall — a witty, no-nonsense lady. I’m sorry to hear she finds so few men worth spending any time with. She can call me for dinner anytime. Maybe she could just whistle. JEFF T. DICK Davenport, Iowa

CORRECTION: The Turbo Man toy from Jingle All the Way is available at Wal-Mart (Parents’ Guide).