By David Hochman
Updated December 27, 1996 at 05:00 AM EST

The Jackie O. auction wasn’t the year’s only celeb garage sale. Britt Ekland, the pillowy-lipped Swedish actress best known for her liaisons with Peter Sellers and Warren Beatty, had Christie’s sell off contents of her London home in order to refurbish her new digs in West Hollywood — presumably with stuff from IKEA. Here’s how her furnishings stacked up against Camelot’s. — DH


[Jackie Onassis]

A study in oil of the First Lady by Aaron Shikler. Sold for: $156,500

Silver-cased tape measure. Sold for: $48,875

Gold charm bracelet. Sold for: $68,500

Charles Baskerville’s watercolor of a tiger, inscribed ”Especially made for Jackie.” Sold for: $40,250

Walnut humidor. Sold for: $574,500

Fine Louis XV gilt-tooled red Moroccan leather casket, circa 1770. Sold for: $118,000

[Britt Ekland]

Autographed photo of Ekland holding lighted sphere against her crotch. Sold for: $270

Enamel pendant, a gift from the crew of Ekland’s film The Bobo. Sold for: $270

Gold record for singing backup vocals on boyfriend Rod Stewart’s album A Night on the Town. Sold for: $1,005

Justine Abelman’s oil painting of a tiger and a frog. Sold for: no takers

Photo of nutty-looking Peter Sellers. Sold for: $193

Hippie-dippy knitted circle smock with hood, circa 1968. Sold for: $1,062