Space babes of ''Star Trek'' and ''Mars Attacks!'' -- Alice Krige and Lisa Marie bring sex appeal to these sci-fi adventures

Outer space would be a mighty boring place if it were populated by nothing but Borg drones and Starfleet and little green Martians. Fortunately, space babes have come to the rescue: The Borg Queen, played with insinuating authority by Alice Krige in Star Trek: First Contact, and Martian Girl, a wordless cameo performed with spacey abandon by Lisa Marie in Mars Attacks!, exude more than F/X appeal.

”The Borg Queen came to me in a flash of light,” says the South African-born Krige, 42, a Star Trek newcomer best remembered for her role as the operetta star in Chariots of Fire. ”She’s one of those beings who exists at the intersection of power and sexuality.”

The deadly Queen B. comes close to love when she seduces that big-brained android Data. ”You have not been properly stimulated yet,” she tells him, then gives him some skin — real, human, goose-bumpable skin — and teaches him to shudder. Getting into her own glossy flesh and foam-rubber suit was a regal drag that took Krige seven hours a day. ”It was like being wrapped in marshmallow,” she says.

Seven hours were also required for Lisa Marie to become the beehived spy that presidential aide Martin Short invites into the White House: She had to be sewn into her dress. The statuesque model-turned-actress, 28, perfect as Vampira in boyfriend Tim Burton’s Ed Wood, gets some of Mars‘ biggest laughs, playing a Martian playing a human vamp. ”I wanted some of Marilyn Monroe’s essence from the Kennedy days, when she sang ‘Happy Birthday,”’ she says. Did she have help executing that extra-smooth slink? ”I worked with a movement coach for a month.” She wasn’t on a sliding platform? ”That was me,” she insists, laughing. ”I can’t give everything away.”

Mars Attacks!
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