Martha Stewart's naughty and nice moments -- How the domestic diva's ''Welcome Home for the Holidays'' measured up

Naturally, Christmas is a busy, busy time in the tchotchke empire of Martha Stewart. While the decoration diva does have her moments of holiday cheer, Miss Martha, like Jack Frost, can be a tad icy at times — as in her recent yuletide TV special, Martha Stewart’s Welcome Home for the Holidays. Herewith, a tally of the naughty and nice moments:

Number of times Martha changes her outfit: 10
Number of times Martha professes her love for wax paper: 3
Number of times Miss Piggy calls Martha ”obsessive”: 1
Number of times Martha scolds Miss Piggy: 2
Number of times Martha refers to her creations as ”pretty” or ”beautiful”: 14
Number of times Martha corrects Dennis Franz’s pronunciation of swizzle stick: 2
Number of times Martha’s cats appear: 6
Number of times Martha’s dog, Paw Paw, appears: 3
Number of relatives Martha puts to work: 8
Number of times she’s called Aunt Martha: 2
Number of times Martha attempts to sing: 1
Number of times Martha assures viewers that ”it’s so easy”: 3