Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't on ''The X-Files''

‘X’Tra! ‘X’Tra!
How does one get a job watching all 82 episodes of The X-Files and become involved in putting together such a great feature story on one of the greatest shows of my generation? Your special issue made my Thanksgiving holiday just a little more bearable. Spooky, but bearable. Please, keep up the eerie work!
Megan Lingenfelter
Red Bluff, Calif.

I had a bad cold, the house was a mess, the kids were fighting, and then the mail came. Thank you, EW, for your X-Files issue. I especially liked Ken Tucker’s ”Spooky Kind of Love.” (The Scully-Mulder relationship is a large part of why I tune in.) You made my day!
Nancy Green
Byesville, Ohio

As an avid reader of your magazine, let me be the first to commend you on your special X-Files issue. I just started watching the show last season, and it has become my favorite show on television. Not bad considering that your 1993 Fall TV Preview made the following prediction about The X-Files: ”We know — this show’s a goner.”
Jonie Watanabe
Los Angeles

My husband and I frequently miss significant portions of dialogue during The X-Files, because we are constantly asking each other, ”Who is that? Is he a good guy or a bad guy?” Now we’ll be able to refer to our handy Collector’s Issue and avoid all the inquisitive, story-disrupting traumas.
Marla Binder & Joel Kanovsky
Bloomington, Minn.

Your X-Files issue had the most stunningly stylish cover I’ve ever seen. The dark colors, attractive typefaces, and excellent use of light and shadow combined to form a unique work of art — one that conveys the mood and atmosphere of the show. Maybe I’ll frame it.
Michael Scrutchin
Pearland, Tex.

Fleets of aliens couldn’t get me to watch The X-Files. If you have enough material for such a long feature article, why not put out a separate, special issue? X-Philes would love it, and X-Phobes like me wouldn’t find themselves with little to read in your regular issue.
Chris Roberson
Ann Arbor, Mich.

I just read your ”Faces of AIDS” story and was very happy to see that Lee Mathis was not forgotten. I was fortunate enough to get to know Lee several months before his death. It’s still hard for me to believe that he is gone. Lee was a compassionate human being who happened to be an actor, who happened to have AIDS.
Traci Kishbaugh
Berwick, Pa.

My son, Howard Shapiro, is surely celebrating in heaven for being remembered as one of your 72 faces of AIDS. Thank you for the recognition.
Miriam Cooper
New York City

Corrections from Issue #355: Dana Scully is younger than her late sister, Melissa. Scully’s FBI badge number is JTT0331613. The ”Darkness Falls” episode is out on video; ”Shapes” is not (”The X-Files”).