John Candy stamp delayed -- The comedian's family requested the postponement of the honor

Philatelists, take note. Just days after Canada Post announced it would honor John Candy — who died in March 1994 — with a postage stamp, the actor’s family delayed delivery. ”We’re asking for a postponement,” says Patrick Duco, Candy’s brother-in-law and family attorney. ”We consider it a great honor. However, we feel that John’s passing was so recent, the family is still in the grieving process.” The stamp was to be part of a series on distinguished Canadians in Hollywood and was to be unveiled at an international stamp convention next May. ”We wanted to come up with a set of stamps that would be of interest to people in the U.S.,” says Canada Post spokesman Tim McGurrin, adding that this is the first instance of anyone ever objecting to having a family member on a stamp. Canada Post has not said whom it’ll honor instead of Candy.