Famous ''Grease'' alums -- Michelle Pfeiffer, Brooke Shields, and Patrick Swayze have appeared in versions of the Musical

”You’re the One That I Want” was almost a duet between the Fonz and Laurie Partridge. Before casting John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John in Grease, producer Allan Carr tried to get Happy Days‘ Henry Winkler and The Partridge Family‘s Susan Dey to take the lead roles. Winkler and Dey missed out on joining a not-so-exclusive club of stars who’ve appeared in some incarnation of Grease. Here are some other famous alums of Rydell High and their recent gigs.

Adrienne Barbeau
Rizzo, original Off B’way cast, 1972
Voice of Catwoman on cartoon Batman.

Debby Boone
Rizzo, B’way revival, 1996
Recent guest stint on TV’s Step by Step.

Barry Bostwick
Danny, original Off B’way cast, 1972
Costar of Spin City.

Maxwell Caulfield
Michael, 1982’s Grease 2
Stars on All My Children.

Stockard Channing
Rizzo, 1978 movie
Filming Magic Hour with Paul Newman

Jeff Conaway
Kenickie, 1978 movie
Costar of TV’s Babylon 5.

Didi Conn
Frenchy, 1978 movie
Star of PBS’ Shining Time Station.

Mickey Dolenz
Vince Fontaine, B’way revival’s tour, 1995
Touring with reunited Monkees.

Joely Fisher
Rizzo, B’way revival, 1995
Costar of TV’s Ellen.

Peter Gallagher
Danny, B’way, 1978
Filming comedy Watch That Man.

Richard Gere
Danny, London production, 1973
Filming Untitled Jackal Project.

Debbie Gibson
Sandy, London show, 1993-94; Rizzo, B’way revival’s tour, 1995
Currently on tour in Funny Girl.

Marilu Henner
Marty on B’way and on tour, 1974
Costar of the CBS miniseries Titanic.

Davy Jones
Vince Fontaine, B’way revival, 1995
Touring with the Monkees.

Lorenzo Lamas
Tom, 1978 movie
Star of Renegade.

Dinah Manoff
Marty, 1978 movie
Starred on TV’s Empty Nest.

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