Quotes from Jason Hervey, Tom Bergeron, and Kathy Kinney during the week of December 13, 1996

”I owe my whole entire career to the 250 commercials I did while growing up, and I’m still an Oscar Meyer wiener.”
The Wonder Years‘ Jason Hervey on America Online

”I’m not ill anymore. I had a surgery and the doctors tell me they found no evidence of cancer or a tumor. But the experience has been a life-altering one. I’ve always felt that my priorities were in proper alignment, but this flirting with cancer has only reinforced my desire to live every day to the fullest.”
Robert Urich on AOL

”Sometimes I’ve actually said to the interviewee: ‘Am I boring you?’ I try to be honest about what I’m feeling in the moment, so if it’s not going well — there’s always a commercial we can go to!”
Fox After Breakfast host Tom Bergeron on CompuServe

”For the past 10 years I’ve been with the EMS [Emergency Medical Services] as an EMT [emergency medical technician]. I’ve also been lecturing, giving birth (we’ve had five OBs), and saving lives…a lot of freeway accidents.”
Former pop heartthrob Bobby Sherman on Prodigy

”I always played psychos and nuts. There were plenty of those roles available.”
The Drew Carey Show‘s Kathy Kinney, a.k.a. Mimi, on AOL