Two new Disney products -- See what we thought of an animated storybook for ''101 Dalmations'' and an activity center for ''Toy Story''


Two new Disney products

To quote the Borg from Star Trek: First Contact, when it comes to Disney’s merchandising juggernaut, ”resistance is futile.” Thankfully, it’s also unnecessary, at least as evidenced by these two discs. In Disney’s Activity Center: Toy Story, tykes can play imaginative, impeccably computer-animated activity games, engage in point-and-click silliness, and even visit the evil Sid’s room to mix and match doll parts under the tutelage of Spider Baby. Disney’s Animated Storybook: 101 Dalmatians is a delightful read- and sing-along for preschoolers based not on the live-action remake but on the animated classic. Nostalgic parents will appreciate the emphasis on animation, but it may be a good idea to warn the wee ones they won’t get to cavort with any real-life puppies. Both: A