Tim Conway to appear in ''Speed 2'' -- The ''Carol Burnett Show'' actor prefers life out of the spotlight

Is there a casting agent out there yelling ”Get me Tim Conway”? The Carol Burnett Show second banana is suddenly hot. Well, okay, lukewarm. Currently on screen in Dear God, the comedian will next play Sandra Bullock’s driving instructor in Speed 2. ”Once they know you’re not on life support in this town, you’re back doing things,” says Conway, who has also completed Dorf on Baseball, the seventh installment in his video series. Hiring Conway for Speed 2 was the idea of director Jan De Bont, who explained to Fox why he was casting someone whose biggest cinematic claim to fame is The Apple Dumpling Gang, costarring that other movie titan Don Knotts. Says De Bont, ”I thought, ‘Why not get someone who’s really good and give him a chance to show again how great he is?”’ Conway, for what it’s worth, doesn’t seem that interested in staging a big comeback. ”People come up to me and start conversations,” he says. ”Dogs sniff me. It’s quite an easy life, actually.”