Three new enhanced CDs -- See what we thought of ''Rock Spectacle,'' ''Mary,'' and ''It Happened One Night''

By Kipp Cheng
Updated December 13, 1996 at 05:00 AM EST

Three new enhanced CDs

Despite reports to the contrary, don’t count out the enhanced CD just yet. Sure, the genre faltered as it struggled to find its place on CD-ROM and music shelves. But now some new releases may transform the ECD from mere novelty to viable entertainment.

The Barenaked Ladies follow up their playful Born on a Pirate Ship with Rock Spectacle, a live recording from the Canuck quintet’s 1996 tour. Designed as a menu of boob-tube programs, their BNL TV offers 10 channels of witty and weird shows, like Abs of Lard and drummer Tyler Stewart’s Living.

Her Majesty the Baby, San Francisco’s Elastica/Enya hybrid, take an artsy-but-not-fartsy spin with Mary, utilizing mesmerizing collage animations for each of the 11 songs on their engaging debut.

On Holly Cole’s fourth album, It Happened One Night, a striking and spare multimedia design echoes the cool Canadian jazz-pop chanteuse’s stripped-down style, with revelatory interviews (on percussionist Dougie Bowne’s penchant for drumming pizza boxes) and six videos (like a sexy and haunting rendition of Tom Waits’ ”Train Song”). All titles: A