New boy actors -- Jake Lloyd, Justin Pierre Edmund, Jonathan Lipnicki, and Alex D. Linz discuss their recent roles

There may never be another Macaulay Culkin, but four youngsters who exemplify the New Cute — they’re talkier, more eccentric, and (at least for now) a good deal less stagey than Mac — are making their movie debuts. And one has actually already inherited Master Culkin’s mantle: After a nationwide search, One Fine Day‘s Alex D. Linz won the lead in Home Alone 3.

Jake Lloyd, 7, Unhook the Stars, Jingle All the Way

How did you learn your lines?
For Unhook the Stars nobody helped me, because I didn’t have a manager then. But on Jingle All the Way this guy named Dennis helped me. He’s my coach.

Does your mom look like your Unhook costar Marisa Tomei?
No. My mom’s a lot different than her. And she doesn’t cuss like Marisa does.

And is your dad like “Jingle”‘s Arnold Schwarzenegger?
Kinda. He’s strong, and he’s always doing impersonations in Arnold’s vocabulary and talking about Arnold’s wife.

What’s your favorite movie?
Jingle. It’s nothing but laughs. And Star Wars.

Do you want to make more movies?
I might do Frosty. Or I might be doing the prequel to Star Wars, playing Darth Vader as a kid.

Justin Pierre Edmund, 5, The Preacher’s Wife

Did anyone help you learn your lines?

Does your mom look like Whitney Houston?
Not really.

Does your dad look like Courtney Vance?
No way!

What’s your favorite movie?
Hmm…Space Jam and Toy Story.

Do you want to make more movies?
I have a three-picture deal with Disney. And I’ve got some commercials: Toys ”R” Us and Cellular One.

Jonathan Lipnicki, 6, Jerry Maguire

How did you learn your lines?
I had a coach.

Does your mom look like Renee Zellweger?
Kind of. She has curly hair, but light hair like Renee’s.

Does your dad look like Tom Cruise?
Nope. He has glasses.

What’s your favorite movie?
My movie.

Why do you like making movies?
I like craft service. I eat bagels with cream cheese.

Alex D. Linz, 7, One Fine Day

How did you learn your lines?
Sometimes people had to help me. Usually Andrew, my acting coach, or my mom or my dad or my uncle or my other uncle or my aunt or my other aunt. Or my uncle’s uncle.

Does your mom look like Michelle Pfeiffer?
No. Michelle Pfeiffer has lighter hair. And less moles.

What’s your favorite movie?
I like Mission: Impossible, The Rock, Star Wars, Jingle All the Way, and One Fine Day, except I’m not supposed to say that because it’ll make me sound vain.