Letter from the president -- ''Entertainment Weekly'''s managing editor talks about the magazine's rising profile

By EW Staff
December 13, 1996 at 05:00 AM EST

Chances are, you’ve seen Entertainment Weekly popping up in a lot more places than your mailbox. Maybe you saw the recent Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood pieces that went behind the scenes at EW photo shoots. Or Jay Leno spoofing EW‘s Power issue, critic-at-large Ken Tucker discussing the fall TV season on Charlie Rose, or senior writer Jess Cagle on Good Morning America talking about star salaries.

Wherever you saw it, you got the picture: EW is getting around. A lot.

This is no doubt a reflection of America’s abiding passion for pop culture. And EW is very lucky to have talented writers and editors who are as comfortable in front of a camera as they are behind their computers. But like the best Hollywood productions, we also have our own PR machine in public relations director Sandy Drayton to help get the message out.

Drayton makes it sound easy. ”EW sells itself,” she says. ”My job is simply to make sure the magazine and its staff are seen in all the right places.”

Dan Osheyack, EW‘s VP of promotion and public affairs, goes a step further: ”Sandy has an incredible talent for making perfect connections. She gets us the best exposure possible. Her hard work has helped drive a substantial increase in the profile and authority of this magazine.”

While raising the magazine’s profile may be Drayton’s professional goal, she admits that some of her motivation is more personal. ”When I’m watching Rosie O’Donnell and I see her hold up a copy of the latest issue,” she says, ”I’m like a stage mother. I feel so proud!”

Michael J. Klingensmith, President