Jack Nicholson has Glenn Close's vote -- The ''Mars Attacks!'' actress thinks Nicholson has the personality to be the next president

By Cindy Pearlman
Updated December 13, 1996 at 05:00 AM EST

Here’s one way to get the soccer moms to the polls in 2000: Put Jack Nicholson on the ballot. He’s already got Glenn Close’s vote. Close, who plays a ditsy First Lady to Nicholson’s stoic U.S. president in Mars Attacks!, says: ”Jack would make a great President. He’s commanding. He’s smart. And he’s got that whole cool thing going on.” Those leader-of-the-free-world qualities apparently convinced the rest of the Mars crew as well. ”Every time he walked onto the set,” says Close, ”someone played a tape of ‘Hail to the Chief.’ He just loved it. After a while he just expected it.” Just like a politician.