No wonder the gratuitous sequel The Crow: City of Angels flew out of theaters so quickly. Even its built-in audience could see it had two strikes against it. Strike one: It lacks the morbid curiosity factor of the first Crow, whose star, Brandon Lee, was killed during filming. Strike two: It lacks Lee, who has been replaced by the considerably less magnetic Perez (Queen Margot). Now for strike three: a bludgeon-by-bludgeon rehash of the original’s plotline starring Perez as another poor soul who rises from the dead to wreak vengeance on his killers. With its urban-decay color scheme (which looks even murkier on tape) and clanking rock-video rhythms, this film fancies itself a death-metal orgy of violent retribution. Unfortunately, it plays more like death warmed over. D

The Crow: City of Angels
  • Movie
  • 84 minutes