A 'Star Trek' Pattern — 'First Contact' director Jonathan Frakes confirms a rhythm to the success of the sci-fi show's big-screen ventures
Star Trek: The Original Series

Q. Has anyone noticed that the only Star Trek movies worth their weight in dilithium crystals are the even-numbered ones (Star Treks 2, 4, 6, and 8)?

A. Actually, Trekkers call this the even-number theory. The idea is the best Trek flicks are the second one, The Wrath of Khan, and every other one afterward. The numbers back the thesis: The highest-grossing film was the fourth ($110 million), and in its first weekend, Star Trek: First Contact, eighth in the franchise, had the largest opening of any Trek ($30.5 million). Unfortunately, no one has an explanation for this quirky galactic curiosity. Still, when Contact director Jonathan Frakes was asked what he’d say if offered Star Trek 9, he responded, ”Call it Star Trek 10 and you’ve got a deal.”

Star Trek: The Original Series
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