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‘Spin’ Patrol

There’s no doubt Michael J. Fox has the wit and charm to woo audiences to make Spin City a staple of their Tuesday-night viewing schedules (#353, Nov. 15). And ABC has nothing to worry about — he’ll certainly do for them what he did for NBC 14 years ago. He’s entertained us for well over a decade, and we’re proud to know that he can again be seen weekly for a long time to come.
Stephen M. Clark
Madison, Ala.

Finally a description of Michael J. Fox that’s accurate. Diminutive just isn’t cutting it any longer. With Spin City, the critics are recognizing the King of Comedy when they see him — at last. Mr. Fox just makes it look easy.
Lisa Alexander
Bayside, N.Y.

Check Writer

Your story on the HBO NYC-produced, Christopher Reeve-directed In the Gloaming fails to mention that the film is adapted from a short story originally published in The New Yorker by my wife, Alice Elliott Dark. This story was nominated for a National Magazine Award, was included in The Best American Short Stories 1994, and is the basis of a second TV adaptation, soon to air on the Odyssey network. Films like In the Gloaming do not appear out of thin air.
Larry Dark
Montclair, N.J.

Dead Sober

”They say you can’t truly enjoy the Grateful Dead’s music without the aid of drugs.” That statement in your review of their CD Dozin’ at the Knick is an insult to me and all sober Deadheads. To say that one needs to be on drugs to enjoy such amazing music is ludicrous. True, their music is not for everyone, but don’t insult the talent of the band and the intelligence of their fans by linking drugs with the enjoyment of the music.
Roy Cevallos
Davis, Calif.

P’s & Q’s

As a fourth grader in 1977, I was told by my teacher to look up a word I was certain I’d spelled correctly on the chalkboard: ”dalmatian.” Thanks for backing me up with your story (”Correct Answers Get an ‘A”’). And Mrs. James, if you’re out there, I accept your apology.
Erich Van Dussen
Rochester, N.Y.

I find it ironic that you revealed the Ransom ”twist” in your review after you reported in a feature that journalists were asked not to disclose it (#352, Nov. 8). Next time, I’ll be sure to see the film before reading the review.
J.C. Sarie
St. Louis

Beatle Juice

The clever puns in your magazine are always a pleasure, but I never expected to see one in another language. In your article about celebrities doing foreign commercials, Ringo Starr plugs Japan’s Ringosutta juice. Pronounce his name phonetically in Japanese, with a slight change in inflection, and Ringo Starr juice literally becomes a pun that means ”juice made from grated apples.”
Midori Oishi
Highlands Ranch, Colo.

CORRECTION: Vicki Lewis plays Beth on NewsRadio (News & Notes).

In The Gloaming
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